Our Manufacturing
Internal Manufacturing Capabiilities

Scalable by Design

  • Scalable manufacturing process
  • Robotic Inspection and Assembly
  • Flexible biological sensor coating
  • High throughput wire bonding


Minnesota Nano Center

  • Full access to Nano Center clean room
  • Preliminary production level achieved
  • Thin Film Deposition, Photolithography, RIE, Characterization
    Equipment: CVD, Sputterer, Evaporator, Stepper, SEM, etc.
  • Optimization of sensor fabrication with Zepto’s patented technology
  • High reproducability, high consistency, and maintains high sensitivity of Zepto’s GMR sensor


  • One-in-all module application
  • Interface throughout lifecycle of Zepto’s products
  • Enabled communication between individual production tooling
  • Real-time monitoring of production quality
  • Lead-time for preventative maintenance

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